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Billing services that suit your needs


At Armor Guard Solutions LLC, we understand that billing and software are not the same thing. Revenue cycle management is too important and complex to be an add-on to bundled software services. Quality medical billing requires the work of experts with years of experience. It requires vigilant attention to detail. Anything less results in a lot of lost revenue.


When selecting a revenue cycle management company, providers should look for an organization that can provide the greatest financial return through services that are transparent, dependable, and responsive. By exclusively specializing in the revenue cycle, AGS has developed a system that is unrivaled in effectiveness. While other RCM companies focus on software, sales, and improving their bottom lines, AGS stays committed to its clients through the continuous enhancement of its services.


AGS believes its clients deserve articulate, knowledgeable, and responsive customer service. So, rather than offshoring customer support, our customer service representatives and billing staff work hand-in-hand. This allows for unparalleled communication and cohesiveness. When clients or patients call with questions, they are transferred to the specific member of the billing team that processed the claim in question. The consistent result is immediate, dependable answers to client requests.


Serving our clients to the best of our ability, will always be our primary focus. Each AGS client has a team of employees, dedicated to serving his or her specific billing needs. If clients have issues or questions, they can call us directly and speak to an employee with individual knowledge of their account. All of our employees work in-house at our office in Georgia, so someone familiar with your account is always available.


As a company that exclusively specializes in revenue cycle management services, AGS is focused and committed to providing clear, useful data to its clients. AGS utilizes the best resources available to help its providers eliminate waste, improve efficiency, and maximize revenue. We don’t just forward automated reports. We thoroughly examine data, recognize patterns, and communicate strategies for improvement to our clients, on their preferred timetable.


We’re not trying to lock you into a long-term contract. We’re not trying to sell you software. We’re simply here to provide the billing services you actually need. We offer comprehensive services, on numerous software platforms, with true customer care. For medical providers looking for real billing experts, we’ll provide a seamless transition to financial stability and profitability.

Our medical billing services extend through the entire revenue cycle.  AGS personally takes on tasks like charge entry, correcting denied and underpaid claims, and more. AGS also advises practice staff on methods to improve efficiency on the front-end; thus, saving costs that might otherwise accumulate on the back-end


We’ll work with software system you prefer. We have years of experience with many practice management platforms and most Electronic Health Record platforms. Thus, no need to change your current system. However, if you’d like to make a change, we’re happy to recommend software platforms to fit your specific needs. If you’d prefer to not use a software platform, that’s fine too. You have the option to mail or securely email us your superbills.